Blogathon: Blooms – “Skin”

31 Jan


When embarking on this blogathon, one thing we hadn’t considered (and probably should have done) is what happens when we find a track we love and then find there is absolutely nothing about the band online. Brilliantly that is exactly what just happened when we heard and fell in love with “Skin” by Blooms. Fantastic track, very secretive act. Doh!

What we have managed to find out, such as it is, is that Blooms is from the UK, it’s a She only and she has an EP, IF in the offing which will deal with the entirety of a relationship from genesis (not the band) to conclusion with everything in between; lust, love and a broken heart. That’s it.

Still, that means we get to focus on the music which is a good thing, because the music is superb. It opens with a subtle energy, dark like storm clouds, a warning of the hurt to come perhaps? Stripped back and almost primal with sparse tribal beats and a seductive vocal that soaks the track with emotion like rain in the dry season.

It’s carnal but not in a ‘rip each other’s clothes off the minute you see them’ way, it’s more controlled and steamy than that. “Skin” undulates like two bodies together, like a snake under the spell of a mystical charmer and like the pleasure, passion and pain of love.

We can’t wait to find out what’s next and hopefully also a little more about this mysterious but stunning Blooms.

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