Blogathon: Nicole Atkins – “The Worst Hangover”

31 Jan

Nicole Atkins Hangover

Ahh, we’ve just discovered a flaw in our plan to write write write, all night long. The fantastic Nicole Atkins, creator of our favourite song of last year is streaming her brand new album, Slow Phaser in full. Must. Not. Listen. To. Whole. Thing. Again. And. Again. All. Night. Long.

Ok, enough Kirk-speak. No, we are not going to listen to the whole thing just yet, but we have done a quick skim of one or two tracks and its sounding pretty fantastic so far. There are some amazing track names as well, like “Gasoline Bride” and “Who Killed The Moonlight” for example. Another brilliantly titled tune, and the one we have chosen to share with you, is “The Worst Hangover”.

We’re not going to lie, we chose this one because in all honesty, that is how we expect to feel tomorrow morning when this 24 hour charity blogathon is finished; like we have the worst hangover in the world (heck, we’re only halfway and we already feel pretty ropey).

As well as being a premonition, “The Worst Hangover” is a damn fine song, as we’d expect. Part show tune (well, it’s a bit Rocky Horror in places we think – though that could be the tiredness setting in), part quirky Tori Amos ballad, all upbeat and fun it makes nearly dying sound like a great thing to do.

Atkins has said that the album is ”a dark, desert disco rock album made during a year of wandering about in city alleys, broken shores and snowy Viking lands”..

Must. Not. Listen. To. The. Whole. Album. Right. Now…

’Slow Phaser’ is due for release on 4 February (that’s next week!) via Thirty Tigers/ Oh Mercy! And can be pre-ordered here.

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2 Responses to “Blogathon: Nicole Atkins – “The Worst Hangover””

  1. Geoff January 31, 2014 at 22:37 #

    Glass is now just under half full – keep on blogging!

    • Adam H January 31, 2014 at 22:38 #

      I’m on it. Thanks!

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