Blogathon: Starar – “Unbelievable”

1 Feb


As we get into the final stretch of our 24 hour blogathon (have you sponsored us yet?) we thought it was high time we posted a tune we’ve been listening to from time to time since we started all those long hours ago.

Made up of siblings Steven and Jenna, Starar are a multi-genre, multi-influenced folk, rock, ambient, electro duo from Lincolnshire who have a canny knack for making catchy multi-layered pop music. Their latest single, “Unbelievable” (not an EMF cover) is a time lapse video of melody and rhythm. The folky guitar sounds are the night time in woodland, passing by gently and quickly before the sun begins slowly to rise up with twinkling keys before the bass kicks in and the world wakes up. Percussion crashes as the city hustles and bustles with people and traffic busily going about their business, the tranquillity of the night a distant memory as the tune pulses and explodes with light and colour.

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