Blogathon: The Open Club – “I’m Thinking Of You”

1 Feb

The Open Club

We’re properly on the final straight of our mammoth 24 hour blogathon now with less than 3 hours to go. There’s still plenty to get through in that time as we try and rouse ourselves for one last push and we’re going to start with something a little bit Russian. Yep, in our random rambles through the dark recesses of the internet we came across this little known indie band from Moscow, The Open Club.

As well as the music, we have good reason for choosing this song, for “I’m Thinking Of You” is taken from their second EP release from last year, 24 Hours. How serendipitous is that?

On “I’m Thinking Of You”, gentle indie guitar sounds bounce around like light refracting in a shallow sea; opening up as they lap against the shore of a secluded cove of dark vocals. There is an immediate and accessible quality to it that no doubt comes from The Open Club’s 90’s Melody Maker friendly influences.

It’s quite a nice listen over a number of plays, though we’ve not quite managed to get it on repeat for the full 24 hours.

Speaking of which, we’re almost done now and as we push towards the end, it would be great to have another rush of donations. Even just £1 would be fantastic as it all goes to Cancer Research. Just hit the big button at the bottom of this post and donate. It’ll make us happy if you do.

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