Blogathon: White Royal – “False Widow”

1 Feb

White Royal

It’s late, the small hours are upon us and we are in need of something laid back and glowing with a bewitching luminescence to soothe our aches and pains and caress our mind. Enter stage north, White Royal, a Leeds based three-piece who specialise in just the very sound we are looking for right now.

Josh, Jonty and Tom have just released “False Widow” online and it is a gloriously dreamy three minutes of guitar and electronic loveliness. It’s a cool ambient track shining its softness on us like a moonrise over a still lake. The silhouette of vocal is broken only by the ebbing ripples of guitar and the clouds of emotion passing overhead, casting a fleeting shadow across the countryside before the pale moon of the song shines out once more. Bathing us in a sheen of gentle, majestic beauty.

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