Listen: Escapists – “Breaking It Up”

3 Feb


Guitar music is dead! Ask anyone and they’ll tell you. It’s all synthpop, dreamwave and electronoise now. Guitars are dead, long live the synth! Except of course, guitar music is far from dead, it just needs a movement to help kick it back into the nation’s consciousness and for its flagbearers to be less turgid and disappointing.

There are a number of fantastic guitar bands out there and our own love of synth based gorgeousness doesn’t mean we do not appreciate a good angular riff, grinding wails of sound or crashing beats of blood sweat and tears. Because we do, it’s what we grew up with and what we long to see thrive once more, and it will thrive once more we have no doubt. Especially with acts like Embers, Velvet Two Stripes, Courtly Love and now Escapists on the scene.

Hailing from London, Escapists “Breaking It Up” manages to sound both a bit raw and rough as well as studio polished smooth. A bit like a collection of super shiny chainsaws, bear traps and possibly the inside of a wood chipper. It’s big and ambitious, confident and not too unlike that brief period in time when Kings of Leon sounded pretty good.

Crazy with colour, light and shadows, the track spins and rotates like a waltzer for your mind. The offset of the vocal and drums and guitars pull the track into an emotional G-force of whirling long-haired indie-rock and heartbreak. It bashes you from side to side, pulling you under and taking you further and further away from where your friends stand watching, growing more distant by the minute.

The friendships in the song may be fading but the energy of the music, of rock is very much alive and right there with you, jumping about, getting drunk and having a great time.

”Breaking It Up” is out now and available to buy on iTunes.

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