Listen: Raevennan Husbandes & Tracey Browne – “Coming Home”

4 Feb

Raevennan Coming Home

2014 treated us to an unexpected surprise the other week as adopted Norwich (she’s from Lowestoft really) folky favourite Ravennan Husbandes posted a new tune online. Not just that, but it’s a duet with acclaimed Manchester singer-songwriter Tracey Browne, written and recorded after the pair first met in 2012. They’ve subsequently played a number of shows together and later this year will release an album as a duo and “Coming Home” is the first single to be taken from it.

It’s a wistful love letter to the place where we belong, the city or town where we feel most comfortable and at home, the place we miss while we are away. The intricate guitar flicks along like a train skittling through fields and villages. Pretty lyrics and warm, delicate vocals draw you in as you gaze longingly out at the rolling countryside, watching light bounce off ripples on a lake and the soft melody and imagery of home wrap round you like a soft warm towel after a cold swim.

They’ve been likened to a female Simon & Garfunkel which seems unfair as this feels like a much more equal partnership as far as talent is concerned. But it is fair to say their musical styles and vocals dovetail beautifully and “Coming Home” has raised expectations for the forthcoming album somewhat.

”Coming Home” is due for release on 6 February. Raevennan and Tracey are also due to play a gig together in Surrey on 30 May.

Stalk Raevennan Husbandes: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Stalk Tracey Browne: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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