Listen: Secret Company – “Saviour”

5 Feb

Secret Company

We said on Monday that guitar music isn’t dead, but we did say it would need a movement to kickstart it back to life. Meanwhile the vast, anthemic indie-dance / synth-pop juggernaut just keeps picking up speed with more acts taking to the skies and filling the cosmos with epic, universe filling sounds.

That doesn’t mean it’s something we’re not overly chuffed with, far from it, we are quite partial to a soaring chorus and expansive synth lines stretching out as far as the eye can see and beyond. This is a good thing really, because there is plenty of it around, including from Chelmsford four-piece Secret Company. There might be something electric in the Essex water these days in fact as just across the way in Harlow, Morning Parade caused quite an industry stir a couple of years back with their own take on electro driven indie-dance (they are now ‘doing a Bush’ and taking on America if you are scratching your head and wondering who we are talking about btw).

“Saviour” is ostensibly Secret Company’s debut, though they have been kicking around for a year or two now and this isn’t the first time it has found its way online. It has though, been given a little bit of spit and polish before being sent back out into the world to find its fortune as their first official release.

Faint alarm like electronics and tumbling, tropical tribal beats kick us off before the synths, and digital flourishes pop and sizzle, sending the chorus up to the sky in a flash of red and blue. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a big catchy chorus and rousing melody to get carried away on! If songs could be comic books, this would be. In an aural suit made of colours and heroism, the track races along in a blur of synths, infectious hooks and supercharged vocals.

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