Listen: Times Beach – “Blue Chaser” (Demo)

7 Feb

Times Beach

We first came across Times Beach when an artist we have featured several times, Jordan Campbell aka A Weekend At The Feelies, got in touch and suggested we check him out. So we did, and we weren’t disappointed with the five demo tracks that are currently online.

As is the way these days, not much information is online about Mr Times Beach, all we know at the moment is that by day he is actually called Steven Anthony and he hails from Arizona but lives and writes/records in Seattle. We also know that Times Beach is a ghost down in Missouri which was evacuated due to chemical contamination in the mid 80’s. We don’t know if Steven took the name from this, but we like to think he did given his somewhat ethereal and otherworldly vocals on his tracks. Like someone calling out to us from the beyond, from a world and a time gone by.

His latest demo, “Blue Chaser” (streaming below) has a bit more kick to it, spitting out energy like a fighter pilot, the drums a machine gun ratter-ratter-ratter as the plane screams towards the ground before pulling up and gliding off serenely into the blue shoegazy sky above. Those distant vocals a covering of cirrus clouds welcoming the plane back within before it barrel rolls on rough guitar licks and back down to the safety of the earth, mission accomplished.

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