Mono Town – “Two Bullets”

8 Feb

Mono Town

We don’t imagine many bands would find inspiration for a new song in CCTV footage, seen online, of a mafia hit, much less admit to it. Yet that is exactly where we find ourselves with Icelandic three-piece, Mono Town, who, having seen the video of the incident outside a coffee shop in Italy, went off and wrote “Two Bullets” Mind you, Mono Town just seem to do things differently. For example, their debut album In The Eye Of The Storm is available to stream online via Deezer, but as yet no details of how or when you can actually buy or download it are to be found (that will come in the future apparently).

“Two Bullets” was, they say, influenced by Ennio Morricone scores and there is certainly a very visual feel to the sound, the way it builds and soars like a narrative. There are other elements as well, especially as denouement approaches and strings sing out in shock and horror at the brutality they have been privy too.

There’s The Verve, or at least Richard Ashcroft, in there, Nick Cave, Primal Scream even maybe. Vast orchestral indie writ large on a dramatic and grand scale, the arrangement is bold and invigorating, conveying the tension and turmoil of the situation, “two bullets in the back, one in the head, one in the head”. Febrile, layered vocals create sweaty beats as the fevered intensity of the track rises, a high octane Latin injection into the arteries of an urgent and vast soundscape.

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