Lovestarrs – “Get Your Sexy On”

10 Feb


As The Good Natured, Sarah, Hamish and George were not exactly bashful, retiring types who shied away from innuendo or racy, provocative lyrics. Now, having emerged from a label-dropping-them-and-being-bastards-about-letting-them-have-their-own-music-back created chrysalis, the trio have metamorphosed into Lovestarrs. This flamboyantly decorated, triple-headed pop monster has risen and is ready to take the world by the scruff of its neck and shake it until it starts to dance and feel sexy.

Their time away hasn’t just been spent on an image revamp; they have been taking control of their own destiny and learning more about production to reduce the need for a reliance on outside assistance. In keeping with this new assertive attitude and bold look, the sound has also undergone a transformation. With tracks like “Lovers” and “Skeleton” in particular, they were always hot (though there was always more to their tracks than just sexiness) but now, with their debut single as Lovestarrs, the trio have ramped it up to 11 as they encourage, cajole nay, demand we get our sexy on.

It’s big, bigger than anything they did before, with a fucking massive and glorious chorus that sounds like the bastard son of a drunken Delphic/Yeasayer union when, no doubt after one too many slippery nipples, they got their own sexy on. It’s an explosive and anthemic pop salute to nocturnal urges and flirtations, salacious and spicy it’s bright, bold domineering and well, rampant.

”Get Your Sexy On” is released on 31 March and can be pre-ordered from iTunes.

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