Jack Garratt – “I Couldn’t Want You Anyway”

11 Feb

Jack Garratt

As this is his debut release, we’re not sure if we are supposed to mention Jack Garratt‘s past life or not. It’s possible that he, like many others these days, has chosen to re-start the musical clock and forgo his previous efforts. Yet, he hasn’t changed his name so some quick googling will bring it all up anyway, so maybe he isn’t pretending to be someone completely new and doesn’t mind people delving into his past.

Much like bickering on the Death Star, this speculating is pointless. Especially as it detracts from the glacial beauty of his new music, “I Couldn’t Want You Anyway”, which opens with a mournful piano to accompany an autopsy of a relationship.

His falsetto vocals are cold and pained, poisoned with the deception he is deluding himself with; that he didn’t want her anyway. Soft, muted R&B tones blend with sharp electronic beats in order to disguise the cause of death as melodic icy fingers of rejection rest, still clamped round a warm heart, choking the last vestiges of life from it. Tears and realisation fall from within as that haunting vocal finally cracks and allows the truth to flow and his heart is given peace.

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