Ang Low – “Win Back Your Love”

12 Feb

Ang Low Win Back Your Love

Whether there is a hidden PR machine crafting releases and hype behind the scenes or not, we do love it when an artist comes seemingly from nowhere to get us all in a stir. We don’t think there was some cigar chomping Hannibal, smiling and looking smug as the blog world went a bit goo-goo for the initial releases of Brooklyn art student Angelo Whitehead as his musical incarnation, Ang Low, but even if there was, who cares?

First the pop infused R&B sounds of ”Life Goes Down” and then the sweaty sexy sounds of ”Can’t Describe Her” won us all over and got us excited about what was coming next. Evidently they won a few fans at the uber-chic Luv Luv Luv records and what is next is his debut EP, Life Goes Down which they will be releasing on 31 March.

Continuing his experimentation with genre and styles, his new track “Win Back Your Love” is full of textures and rhythmic layers with reverential organ like synth sounds providing a stained-glass window backdrop to his pained and emotive lyrics. It’s an apology in prayer form where vocals heavy with regret, soar. They earn wings of hope and rise up with those cathedral synths to the congregation below, carrying out the gospel that it may be a battle, but love can endure.

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