Blooms – “If I”

13 Feb

Blooms Reveal

It was during our recent 24 hour charity blogathon that we were first swept away by Blooms with her heavenly debut, “Skin”. At the time we knew very little about her at all but now, like the grand unveiling of an artistic masterpiece, the veil has been dropped and we now have both a name, Louise Cunnane, and a face (above) to go with it. Originally from Ireland but now based in London, Louise has been working with the very talented Darragh Nolan (from Sacred Animals) as her producer.

As if that avalanche of information wasn’t enough, we also know that she has a new song from her forthcoming EP, IF. The EP, which you’ll recall, will deal with the entirety of a relationship from start to finish. Following the sensual and subtle carnality of “Skin”, “If I” is a soft, slow build of a track, more sedate and steeped in melancholy. A vast expanse of self doubt stretches out like an ocean of harmonious melody, a small boat made of second guessing creaks and lists on the tides of emotion, straying closely to the rocks of cold digital rhythms by the shore. Sails are billowing as a sea breeze of “ah ha, ah ah ahhs” buffet the ship as it tries to plot a course through the swell.

Hers is a beguiling, entrancing voice and the stark, yet overflowing with delicate emotion and the production is a perfect theatre for it to bewitch and enchant all who hear it. “If I” is awash with fragile layers of aural beauty and understated splendour that will enthral your ears, heart and soul.

Bring on the EP…

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