Colourmusic – “Dreamgirl 82”

14 Feb


We probably like synthpop as much as anyone; we love heartfelt ballads, glacial electronica and ethereal mists of melodic aural seductions. We like to dance (badly) and sing (terribly) along with pop tunes that most would describe as cheesy. We like to get funky and we like to get our groove on. We like to be excited, calmed, roused and soothed by music. And sometimes all we really want is something that is dark and heavy, stormy and face meltingly wonderful, in fact we want that right now, and that’s where Colourmusic come in.

From the first second of “Dreamgirl 82” you are hit with a deliciously oppressive drawl, like a gargantuan alien spacecraft looming ominously into view overhead it grinds and shudders your spine. Guitar licks drip like molten lava, hot and hypnotic they ooze out and envelop the world around you. There is a domineering danger in the air as the rhythm crashes like buildings to the ground and you can do nothing but prostate yourself in servitude to a new master, nodding your head compulsively as blurred vocals issue inaudible commands that you will follow unquestionably.

Resistance is futile.

”Dreamgirl 82” is taken from Colourmusic’s new album, ‘May You Marry Rich’, which is due out on 24 March via Memphis Industries and can be pre-ordered here.

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