Review: Yumi Zouma – Yumi Zouma (EP)

17 Feb

Yumi Zouma

Four songs, 14 minutes and 26 seconds. If you stuck a gun to our head and told us to find fault with the debut EP from New Zealand trio Yumi Zouma, we’d say that four songs and 14 minutes 26 seconds of their blissful, laidback summery sounds just isn’t enough and we want at least another hour’s worth of material.

We could quite easily get lost in these four tracks for hours and have done so on more than one occasion. As storms batter the British Isles and the wind and rain cause havoc and heartbreak, it’s been a welcome respite from the harrowing tales of flood damage, destruction and despair to just close our eyes and slip away to a world of warmth and tranquillity.

When writing about Yumi Zouma in the past, we’ve likened the listening experience to sipping a tall glass of something refreshing as the sun beats down on a cloudless afternoon, and like drifting along on a deserted river, dangling a toe in the otherwise still water. Simply put, it is music that evokes imagery of summer and inspires an inner peace and calmness. This isn’t a manic summer holiday at Butlins with kids screaming and shouting at top volume as they hare around, like Bane pumped on venom, they have a seemingly limitless supply of sugar making them even more hyper and hectic.

No, this is an idyllic and heavenly break in glorious but not overwhelming sunshine. These four tracks are like swimming to the edge of an infinity pool and gazing out at the breathtaking vista of melody before you. There’s not another soul for miles but for your loved one resting beside you, pina colada in hand, drinking in the scenery and delightful sounds of muted beats, gentle breeze like vocals and delicate, refreshing vocals.

If Yumi Zouma sounds this stunning as we are in the throes of the worst storms in a generation, imagine how amazing it’ll be when the sun comes out again.

Yumi Zouma’s debut EP is out now and you can buy it here.

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