Meanwhile – “Luvletta”

21 Feb


What do David Bowie, Prince and Peter Gabriel have in common?

There’s probably a lot of correct answers to that in all honesty but the one we have on the card is that they all appear to have been crumbled up into a giant bong and inhaled by mysterious newcomer Meanwhile. For everyone knows that the only way to truly know everything someone knows (and thereby get their talent and style) is by smoking them.

Featuring the same kind of bombastic energy as Mega Emotion, the debut track from this new signing to Universal imprint, Fiction, sounds a bit like all the instruments have additionally been taking LSD while Mr Meanwhile wasn’t looking. Superbold fractals of psychedelic funk pop spin and swirl in vibrant patterns taking your mind on a journey through space, time and colour and your limbs out to the dancefloor for some full on crazy boogying.

We’ve spent a couple of weeks with “Luvletta” now and it just gets better and better with each frenzied listen as colours splash in our ears. It’s music to be counteractive to and perfectly orchestrated aural chaos. Energised vocals compete with electrified synths which in turn compete with disco drums for supremacy in a schizophrenic sound-off for the ages.

It’s a big, room filling, set-closing explosion of sound, colour and energy. Perfect to send an audience home happy with a dancing spring in their step.

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