Elsie – “Wild One”

24 Feb

Elsie Wild One

Monday morning might seem an odd time to break out a sexy tune, but we are lovers here at Alphabet Bands and we feel that there’s almost no wrong time some to hear smoochy music. So, as many of us get ready to trudge on to work and start another week, we turn to Elsie to provide something a little seductive to get the blood going.

When we last featured Tom Jones’ backing singer, she was streaking out across the stars with “Crying (Silent Whisper)” but “Wild One” is altogether more earthen. It’s a sexy version of a stranger walking into a bar in the old west; here though the stranger is the stereotypical stone cold fox, stiletto heels and the kind of outfit that would make a Tex Avery wolf howl while his tongue rolls out on the floor like a red carpet. And it’s not a bar she walked into, more like that scene in Eyes Wide Shut and still everyone stops their masked shenanigans to stare at this Jessica Rabbit as she walks through the hall.

It’s sultry with its femininity dripping seductively down the subtle, chiselled masculinity of the track. It’s sexuphysical as the vocals glisten and moistening guitar strums like sweat on leather; the femininity of the voice snaking round the chest of the beat with perfectly manicured and polished nails, tracing a line down its body and making its intentions clear to see.

If all that is a bit much for you take as you wake up to Monday, you can also stream Elsie’s (slightly) less seductive and (a tiny bit) more icy cover of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass”. Either way, your week is getting a great start.

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