Aquilo – “You There”

25 Feb

Aquilo You There

When Aquilo returned last week we experienced one of those fairly magical moments where you hear something and suddenly realise that unbeknownst to you, you’ve been waiting to hear it for ages. Nearly a year after captivating us with “Calling Me” the (now definitely a) duo has posted “You There” online and the blog world has fallen in love all over again.

Like endless mist sprawling out across the waters of the Lake District where Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher mix their musical potions, “You There” is soft and airy. Simple, elegant and beautiful, it is four minutes of stillness, solitude and tranquillity in musical for; a moment of aural transportation to a world of peace and contentment. With cool, mournfully airy vocals and the delicate fragility of the chords played on the piano, the subtle emotion of “You There” bends and flickers like candle light in the darkness, casting shadows of doubt on the walls of hope.

It’s a sublime and heavenly return from the pair that has touched our soul with its forlorn melancholy and wistful gorgeousness. We just hope we don’t have to wait another year for the follow up, mind you; we’ll be listening to and loving this for some time to come yet.

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    the vocals are like a dream

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