Emily King – “Distance”

28 Feb

Emily King

We want to share something that happened to us the other day if we may, a moment when we heard a song entirely by accident and it had just the most wonderful effect on us. A sense of warmth and happiness flooded over us as Emily King (a Grammy award nominated artist we had, until that very moment, never heard of – shame on us) sang and a Cheshire Cat grin grew across our face. Then it finished. So we pressed play and listened again, and again, and so on for a period of time that probably isn’t healthy. It’s like it hit the bullseye in our brain’s reward centre and we just had to keep going back for more.

The gently funky Motown beat gives depth and life and a sense of perfection to the relationship; slice the song in half and glitter and rainbows would spill out. An optimistic drum beat skips along with honeyed vocals that drip with innocence, infatuation and confidence in the love it is so lost inside. “Distance” begins and ends like an old Carpenter’s tune with the kind of dreamy, lilting melody that would fill a house on an idyllic, relaxed Sunday morning. An image that continues through the playful-Prince stylings of the song as it skips and dances along. Soft focus sunlight bathes the room as steam rises from the coffee pot; the delicious aroma of baking follows children’s laughter through the house to a wooden train set which passes through tunnels of Sunday supplements and passed slipper mountains.

It is a glorious throwback to emotive musical narratives of the past and one that we can’t help but feel a little bit addicted to; and it’s available to download for free from the player below. As if we needed any excuse to just keep playing it.

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