Review: Liza Anne – The Colder Months

7 Mar

Liza Anne

Having turned heads and warmed hearts with her debut single, ”The Colder Months” a few short weeks ago, 19 year old Liza Anne has followed up with a similarly titled album of melodious folky beauty. With echoes of Daughter, Brooke Annibale and Milly Hirst present, the 10 tracks float and sway with such delicate precision and languid emotion as to transport you to her gorgeous world of love and heartache.

Made with assistance from current or former students at her place of education, Belmont University, The Colder Months marks Liza Anne out as a prodigious talent and one that fully deserves a moment in the spotlight. In fact, now that we all watch Nashville (we do all watch Nashville right?) it is easy to imagine Liza sat centre stage at The Bluebird in such a spotlight, while the silent crowd watches and listens attentively, washed away on the ebbing tide of her voice as it flows gently around the room.

Lyrically evocative and heartfelt, her voice is rich with emotion, touched by the heartbreak of “Thin Ice” and “Lying” or exuding warmth on “Ireland” for example. The melodies and arrangements are deft, delicate and dreamy. The songs drift and weave like a gorgeously relaxed Sunday morning, nothing is rushed; everything is considered and is imbibed with a mellifluous charm. Elements of country trickle through each of these folksome serenades and there’s even the odd subtle moment of soft pop bubbling underneath.

The Colder Months is an easy listen, it’s an album that caresses and soothes and which glide out from your stereo into your soul. Liza’s haunting vocals sit perfectly atop a gorgeous cake of gentle melodies and songs that will echo with emotional familiarity and beauty. Like the title track, it builds gently; glorious and gorgeous sounds cascade down together, covering you in an evocative and heart melting exquisiteness.

‘The Colder Months’ is out now and available to buy here.

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