Ummagma – “Rotation”

11 Mar


Related tracks on Soundcloud is fast becoming one of our favourite things, taking us, as it does, in myriad different directions to a legion of artists we may or may not have heard of before. On one such jaunt down the orange brick road we stumbled into the most recent (from late last year) offering from the hitherto unknown to us Ukranian-Canadian duo of Alexx Kretov and Shauna McLarnon.

Not to be confused with late WWE wrestling juggernaut, Umaga, the pair actually perform as Ummagma (note the extra ‘m’s and lack of facial tattoos) and rather than throwing people around like soft toys, they instead make us giddy with their fuzzy alt-dreampop.

Released as a double a-side with “Live And Let Die”, “Rotation” (streaming below) has a not-quite-heaviness to its shoegaziness that is all blurry and head swirlingly lovely. It builds slowly like a distant vehicle taking shape through a heat haze as it draws closer. Gently the drums, guitars and vocals hone into view as you’re taken on a road trip with the top down across a deserted highway and under the blazing sun. An alarm sound calls out but there is no warning to be heeded, just synths and beats that build and form like dust balls on the horizon as an adventure in the sun is just beginning.

A slow grinding, heady maze of aural miasma, “Rotation” leaves you not discombobulated, but feeling strangely high and light of mind. More please…

”Rotation/Live And Let Die” is out now and available to buy on iTunes.

Stalk Ummagma: Website / Facebook / Twitter


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