Foxes In Fiction: “Rearrange”

12 Mar

Foxes In Fiction

Here at Alphabet Bands, we have a giant crate of love that we keep to one side for small and medium sized labels that focus on quality, treat their artists well and are all about the music. Littlish labels that care, boutique labels, labels that dare to do different, Like No Recordings, Small Plates Records, Gold Robot Records and similar. Labels like Brooklyn/Toronto based Orchid Tapes which this year became home to the stunningly emotive and gorgeous sounds of Arrange and has previously given us music from the also remarkable Ricky Eat Acid.

At the end of this month, Orchid Tapes will be giving us (well, selling to be precise) something else a little bit magical in the form of a compilation album, Boring Ecstasy.

Aside from the title (which we love) the album also features a new tune from Foxes In Fiction, aka Warren Hildebrand aka Mr. Orchid Tapes. Now, before you cry ‘favouritism‘ or ‘vanity project’, remember what we said about Orchid Tapes being one of those labels that focuses on quality and know this, “Rearrange” is heavenly.

Like a single figure, sitting stationary on a park bench as a time lapse population whizzes by in a blur, it is a moment of serene beauty and stillness in an otherwise hectic world. Gentle, fragile and so feather light it is almost not there, “Rearrange” glides gracefully along as muted, whisper soft vocals melt into the caress of keystrokes that themselves nudge faintly at your core. As the hue of the day gives way to that of night and the time lapse city shows no sign of slowing, the melody diffuses out across the skyline and into the atmosphere, bringing calm to a world that cannot help but be nestled into a dream filled and restful sleep.

”Rearrange” will feature on the 12″ vinyl compilation ‘Boring Ecstasy’ which is out via Orchid Tapes on 25 March; details of which can be found here.

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