Ronika – Shell Shocked

17 Mar

Ronika Shell Shocked

Has it really been nearly two years since we were last getting our neon groove on to the deliriously joyous and infectious sounds of Ronika? Was it really as long ago as September 2011 that we inducted her into the fabled hall of Alphabet Bands and proclaimed world domination was surely only a matter of time for Nottingham’s Queen of Disco?

Well time is fluid, so while we may have intended that statement to mean ‘imminently’, we can quite happily pretend we meant ‘when she’s ready’ and hope that no one calls us on it. It appears she is ready now and after much hard work and no small amount of personal difficulty, she is set to release her debut album, Selectadisc on 2 June. We’ve not heard it as yet but Mr Electronic Rumors (whose opinion counts for a fair bit in matters such as this) has and he has declared it is ”easily going to be one of the highlights of the year”.

Given that it includes reworked versions of each of her previous, and fantastic, singles, as well as this new and gloriously bouncy and bright retro-pop jam, “Shell Shocked”, we don’t doubt that he will be proved right.

A bubblegum popping jaunt down a very 80’s looking high street, “Shell Shocked” is the kind of upbeat and colourful electro-pop that will have you rolling up your jacket sleeves, back combing your hair and spinning round and round in delight with just the one arm sticking out as you go. The beat and synths dance a duet past flashing neon signs, skipping out into the road and past bemused police officers standing on the corner who, inevitably, bust a few moves of their own as the sounds move on. Ronika’s vocals are that infectious grin of a musical’s star as she entices and encourages others to join in and dance for love, happiness and the sheer joy of it.

Bright, colourful and fantastic, 2014 could finally be the year that Ronika takes over.

Ronika’s debut album, ‘Selectadisc’, is due for release on 2 June and pre-orders get an immediate download of “Shell Shocked”. A limited edition 12″ vinyl of the album is also available from

Stalk Ronika: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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