Bea – “Breadwinner”

18 Mar


There are differing schools of thought on whether or not the recent trend for artists to be all mysterious and secretive makes a bloggers life easier or more difficult. You could argue that with no information out there it is difficult to write a post because where do you start? How can you give context to a song when you know nothing about the person who has created it and how it may relate to them and their experiences?

In instances such as the one we are presented with by enigmatic newcomer Bea, bloggers are often left to cobble together a random and pointless paragraph or two and try to make what little they do know (she’s 22, born and raised in Amsterdam to British parents) sound interesting. Or indeed they can jump to random and usually inaccurate conclusions (she LOVES baths) and try to say something vaguely amusing (she could do with getting some Mr Muscle on those grubby tiles over her shoulder) in the hope that no-one notices you actually know nothing.

When this happens we tend to fill posts with inconsequential sentences pointing out the difficulty of writing when you know nothing about an artist and try to pass it off as something clever and bordering on being ‘meta’. It’s not.

Of course, you could argue that it is easier to write about mysterious artists as, in the absence of any information, you can only write about the music and there is no need to get caught up in crafting superfluous fluff as background when all people really want to know is, is the song any good?

In the case of Bea’s debut, “Breadwinner”, yes, yes it is good. Very good in fact.

We’re tempted to leave it there, but you read through all that gubbins above, you deserve a little more.

Listening to “Breadwinner” is the aural equivalent to exploring a lost lagoon, diving deep into the cool still waters, the light refracting from the surface to illuminate hitherto unseen wonders in every direction. The track opens gently, the deep notes mirrored by her deep, solemn vocals and as the two entwine the lagoon widens, layers of sound are scattered across the seabed and your eyes widen at the elegant magnificence unveiled before you. There is a sense that you’re not alone here in this underwater fantasy and there it is, an beautiful ethereal figure, a mermaid perhaps, dancing through the water, a soft and enticing vocal complement to the beautifully sombre tones. It may just be a dream but as a welcoming arm reaches out to you, you can’t help but reach back, ready to be taken off, further into this extraordinary world of sound you have discovered.

Mind you, we still don’t know anything about her.

”Breadwinner” will be available as a free download on 27 March.


Stalk Bea: Website

One Response to “Bea – “Breadwinner””

  1. Tracy March 19, 2014 at 11:06 #

    I don’t know, it is perhaps just a laughable to make a short paragraph with a pun or two, than to write several with that silly (pretentious) way some bloggers’ harp about.. i.e a lost lagoon, fluffy clouds, unicorns blah blah.

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