The Night VI – “Sienna”

18 Mar

The Night VI Sienna

It may just be us, but 2014 is starting to feel like the year of artists who have oft promised much, stepping up and delivering. We’ve already has a wonderful debut album from Spring Offensive, the rebirth of The Good Natured as Lovestarrs, the coming of an EP and album from Florrie and the return of Ronika. It also promises the be the year that The Night VI put their foot to the floor and race through the field towards the lofty position everyone expected for them on their debut a couple of years ago.

They seemed to arrive fully formed, with support slots for Bruce Springsteen under their belt and a critically acclaimed debut EP, Still Thinking Of You, and then in the last few months things went quietish. Gigs were cancelled and we had little more than a series of cover versions posted online to keep their motor running. It is all systems go now though as the Anglo-French six-piece return with their new single, “Sienna”, which will be released via Duly Noted Records.

Written from the perspective of the one who gets left behind when a relationship collapses, “Sienna” is a stylish expression of the pain felt by the one who hasn’t moved on. With a soft, caressing Jessie Ware vibe and flashes of a rich R&B infused vocal, The Night VI have given bitterness a classy sheen, making the resentment of another for leading the life and love you expected to have sound like something delightful.

”I hope you’re happier, with Sienna” laments Sophie-Rose “I hope you marry her, that Sienna Girl. In an orange grove, the way we always said we would”. The lyrics a beautiful lie sung out over an elegant melody of heartache and solitude. The track builds like pressure in a boiling kettle; escalating into a crash of emotion until eventually it is removed from the hob, the intensity eases and a resigned acceptance of the circumstances, the pain and anguish felt, slips forlornly away like a lost whisper.

They may not have been gone every long, but “Sienna” feels like the start of a second coming for The Night VI. It’s good to have them back.

”Sienna” will have a physical release on 28 April via Duly Noted Records and is available to buy digitally from today on iTunes.

Upcoming The Night VI live shows:

19 March – Single Release Party, Birthdays, London
22 March – BoilerRoom, Guilford
6 April – Communion Night at Notting Hill Arts Club, London
25 April – The Night VI Clubnight II, Stoke Newington ‘secret venue’
26 April – Are You Listening Festival, Reading
22 July – Blue Balls Festival, Switzerland

Stalk The Night VI Website / Facebook / Twitter

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