All We Are – “Feel Safe”

21 Mar

All We Are - Feel Safe

It’s been a while since we last heard from Liverpool’s All We Are, in fact it was quite a while since we’d heard from them before that as well. Popping up once a year with an amazing tune and then disappearing again, they were beginning to resemble some mythical creature, like a Unicorn perhaps, that people aren’t 100% sure ever existed or not. Well, nearly a year on from the release of the storming disco funk of “Utmost Good” (one of our tracks of 2013) the trio are back, newly signed to Domino imprint Double Six and all doubts over their existence have been expunged.

When we first encountered them, they had recently returned from the Norwegian woodland, cradling the (now sadly no longer online) wonderfully folky sounds of “Cardhouse”. Then last year they strutted down the street in their white suits all full of laidback funk and uber-cool grooves with the aforementioned “Utmost Good”.

For 2014 they have retained the funk vibes but turned it down to an even more chilled out setting, dialling down the dirty fuzziness a little, almost as if they have taken their underground disco back to the woods of Norway and don’t want to disturb the wildlife too much. Bet the animals would all come to the party for a dance of their own though.

From the opening lick of guitar you are taken away on a heady ride of late night funk, a soft shoe shuffle of deliciously smooth and relaxed grooves that will have you on your feet and indulging in a little swaysome and smile filled boogie. Deep within the guitar lines, the gently impulsive beats and the hushed vocals are random elements of yesteryear, hidden away. Little glimpses of Beats International’s “Dub Be Good To Me” spring to mind as well as the more obvious disco, indie and pop references.

There’s a gorgeously relaxed summer vibe to “Feels Safe”, a vibe that you can’t help but love and one that makes you feel great. It’s a wonderful piece of modern indie-funk that we know we’ll be coming back to time and time again over the year and with songs this fantastic, we can forgive All We Are for taking a year at a time to make them. We just hope they’ll be back a little sooner next time.

”Feel Safe” is out now on Double Six and can be bought from iTunes.

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