Laurel – “To The Hills”

22 Mar


When we first encountered Laurel (many will have done so earlier) it was via her stunningly relaxed remix of Racing Glaciers rousing ”New Country”. At the time we said it dripped muted sounds into a black pool of languidity, because we like saying things like that. With her new release, “To The Hills”, though there is no black pool of languidity, there is no lost lagoon of sultry melody nor wondrous soundscapes of unicorns and fluffy clouds.

No, what this prodigiously talented young lady is giving us here is a grand cinematic swathe of romanticism and drama. The stirring orchestral arrangement gives “To The Hills” a gorgeously sinister edge, a sumptuous intensity that feels like it could unleash a darkness within your soul. A darkness that lurks undetected until freed by a horrific, neck piercing act* and that then becomes all consuming. Her voice is soft but powerful with moments of brief and enticing fragility woven within, conveying a fleeting feeling of remorse perhaps; a remembrance of a humanity lost.

But there is euphoria here as well as drama, a rush of excitement and adrenalin that has overwhelmed her. “Didn’t know that I could feel this great / Life’s to waste, higher higher, get, higher higher she sings, addicted to the rush. As are we, addicted to “Into The Hills”.

*ok, so basically we’re saying we think it’s about vampirism and the rush of the carnage, the bloodlust and the feeling of a supernatural closeness to nature and the world. We have our reasons for this half-baked theory, mostly from a too in depth consideration of the lyrics no doubt, but we like it and think it adds something else to the song. Even if we are probably wrong…

“To The Hills” is taken from Laurel’s EP of the same name which is due out on 7 April.

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2 Responses to “Laurel – “To The Hills””

  1. Robin @ Breaking More Waves March 22, 2014 at 08:38 #

    Here’s my (probably wrong) interpretation of the lyrics – I think it could basically be about that classic teenage night out on the town / in ‘da club’, wanting to cop off with someone and being prepared to say anything to do so “said I love you so I don’t have to be alone,” + “smoky hall feeling on my own” and end up being a bit of a mess “out on the beach in the wreck”. But then as teenage existence is often quite vampiric at weekends – sleeping during the day, lusting at night that would also tie in with what you think.

    • Adam H March 22, 2014 at 10:13 #

      Well yes, that would make more sense really.

      It was the references to meeting God, to Heaven and Hell and the notion that dawn comes too soon. Also the fact that, in popular culture, the vampiric appetite, that insatiable bloodlust, is portrayed as a drug like high. That’s what led me to that conclusion.

      That and the bit where Laurel sings about killing them all…

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