Good Girl And The Bad Times – “Not Even The Moon”

24 Mar

Good Girl And The Bad Times

We often like to alternate how we start our week off here at Alphabet Bands. Last Monday we kicked things off with the bright, brash colours of 80s pop princesses Ronika and Molly Beanland and today we’re in the mood for something a little softer. We want to get underway with something a little gentle, a little tender but also something with a little shadowiness blended into it. Step forward Good Girl and The Bad Times.

A brother/sister duo from London who, thanks to sister Jenny living in New York until recently, has indulged in a little transatlantic music making, Good Girl and The Bad Times are set to release their new EP next week. In advance of that they have shared the title track, “Not Even The Moon” and it really is quite something.

Soft, smoky vocals waft effortlessly over a gentle folky guitar before the track opens out gradually. There is darkness to it, not overtly but it’s there, like a stereotypical haunted house on the hill. In the light of the moon it casts an eerie shadow across the town below, inspiring fear and trepidation amongst all those who see it, yet see it in the daylight and the subtle beauty of the arrangement is plain to see. The simple elegance of the guitar, the compulsive staccato rhythms and the low unidentifiable grind (ok, that one is still a little dreadmaking, even in daylight) is a sight to behold.

It is Jenny’s voice though, her dark caress of a voice, that is the most beguiling and beautiful aspect of a gorgeous song. It’s composed, measured demeanour adds to that sense of unease that underpins “Not Even The Moon”, like a poisoned kiss, bewitching and deadly. We are under its spell and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The ‘Not Even The Moon’ EP is due for release on 31 March via Good Bad Records.

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