Jack Robert Hardman – “Loose Connection” (video)

25 Mar

Jack Robert Hardman - The Great Unknown

The year of returns continues apace as 2014 welcomes our ’H’ artist, Jack Robert Hardman to the game. Since his gorgeous eponymous debut album (which was one of our albums of the year in 2012) we’ve heard very little from Jack, with only the charming ”Living In A Watering Can” video on offer as new material. Not that he hasn’t been busy of course and today he has revealed the first track from his forthcoming The Great Unknown EP, “Loose Connection”.

The time away has obviously been good for Jack as, whilst his signature velveteen smooth vocals are as cool and genteel as ever, the arrangement is richer and more mature than when last we heard him. Never afraid to add depth to the layers of sound in his music, in “Loose Connection” Jack has crafted something quite magnificent with warm, nostalgic textures woven into one another as the song grows and develops, building in a very Elbow-anthem type way.

Like a pied piper, his voice collects sounds as it passes through the streets of Ascot, gathering rhythm, melody and harmony as it goes. ”Are you receiving this message?” he calls out on a cold, misty morning and it’s not long before he is answered. Drums scatter across cobbles as guitars race from alleyways and passages to follow in step. Cymbals crash, keys glide and together this consortia of individually small aural partners come together to build a grand and wonderful whole, Jack’s vocal leading from the front.

Like many returning bands and artists already this year, Jack Robert Hardman has used the time away to build on his undeniable promise and come back sounding even better than before.

”Loose Connection” features on Jack Robert Hardman’s ‘The Great Unknown’ EP, which is due for release on 19 May. The EP can be pre-ordered here and you will receive an instant download of “Loose Connection”.

Stalk Jack Robert Hardman: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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