Sivu – “Dumb” (Nirvana cover)

25 Mar

Sivu - Cant Stop Now

Here’s a little something extra for you all to enjoy today, something a little different. As you are no doubt already aware, we are massive fans of Sivu and are always pleased to hear anything new from him, yet yesterday we were taken aback when a new Sivu track popped up online. He’d only just released ”Can’t Stop Now” so what was this we were being treated to?

‘Treated to’ was spot on by the way, as the gentle organ-ish drone began and sparks of recognition began to flash in our brain. Soon we were taken back by this startling cover of a Nirvana classic. We were taken aback by the quality and ingenuity of the reimagining and taken back as well, back to our youth when Nirvana were it and In Utero was on constant rotation. Yeah, we were a bit like that back then.

Here though, with the warmth of nostalgia in our heart and the stark cold of Sivu’s cover hitting us like a blast of fresh winter air in the morning, we were older, wiser and still loving and getting excited by music.

It’s somehow even more melancholic, more languid and sorrowful than the original but it is also more enthralling. It is disarmingly soft and hypnotic, with that slight ripple to Sivu’s voice perfectly complementing the low resonance of the droney undercurrent.

As an over excited Louis Walsh would exclaim whist bouncing on his chair like it was a space hopper, Sivu has stamped his mark on it, taken it and completely made the song his own. Or that he looks like a young Bono or something ridiculous (he doesn’t).

Sivu’s latest single ”Can’t Stop Now” is out now and available to buy from iTunes.

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