Frett – “Porcelain”

26 Mar


Ok, first things first.

Yes Frett are from Suffolk (well, the Suffolk/Essex border but frankly, what’s the difference?) and as a Norfolk based blog we should really be discounting them from inclusion – we could be forcibly removed from the county if anyone notices – but they are good enough that we are willing to take the risk.

No, their new track, “Porcelain” is not a cover of the old Moby advert song.

Yes, their new video is a bit ‘huh?’ but if you stick with it, it will all make sense in the end (and we mean the end); especially when the guy starts sneezing chalk dust.

No, that isn’t an old Dr Who in the video.

Yes, he does look like he should have been.

Ok, enough of that, let’s move on.

Simon Lucas-Hughes and Elliott Buckle are Frett. They have been for a little while now and, having stealthily built both a solid fanbase and garnered critical acclaim and support, the pair are preparing to release their third EP. Called simply, EP3, there is quiet expectation that they could be on the verge of stepping up a level in both the public consciousness and success.

First up from said EP is “Porcelain”, three and a half minutes of stylised atmospherics, wistful vocals and sophisticated guitar lines. It drifts and sways beautifully; picking up shards of broken pottery and debris as it wafts by, collecting rough edges to go with the smooth and soft textures, before building into a gentle but forceful ending. It’s deceptively catchy and compulsive, calling you back for more just when you thought the breeze had died down, the repeat button proving too tempting to ignore.

”Porcelain” features on Frett’s forthcoming ’EP3’ which is due for release on 28 April and can be pre-ordered here.

Stalk Frett: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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