Aquilo – “Part Of Your Life”

27 Mar

Aquilo You There

To use a well worn analogy, it turns out that Aquilo songs are like buses. You wait almost a year for one to turn up, then another pops along in quick succession. After returning at the end of last month with the gorgeous ”You There”, Ben and Tom have shared another new track with the world, and it’s another sublime piece of ethereal aural delicacy. Prepare to fall in love once more.

Taken from their forthcoming eponymous debut EP, “Part Of Your Life” is everything we’ve come to expect from the Aquilo pair and much more. In just four minutes their mellifluous and caressing vocals drift like a feather on a breeze of ambient electronic melodies and buffeted by gentle gusts of digitised rhythm.

It is soft and peaceful, a delicate and relaxing blend of sound that will give comfort and serenity as you let it in. It can sooth, just sit and listen, let it massage your temples and wash out the day, take out the stress and refresh your soul. We’d be inclined to prescribe it to anyone with a stressful job, end your day with four minutes from Aquilo and the world will feel a whole lot better.

The ‘Aquilo’ EP is due out on 7 April. If you pre-order it here, you will receive an instant download of “You There”.

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