Blooms – “Lust”

31 Mar

Blooms Lust

When first we encountered Blooms, with the sensual undulation that was ”Skin”, Louise Cunnane was wearing a veil of secrecy, showing nothing but the music. Then, with the follow up ”If I”, the veil was thrown back and she flashed us a bit of bio; revealing her name, face, some history and her collaboration with Darragh Nolan (from Sacred Animals) as her producer. With all that speculating and supposition put asunder, we (the blog world) are getting back to what we did to start with, talk about the music.

“Lust” is the latest offering from her forthcoming EP, IF, and continues with that measured, understated feeling she has given us previously. Cunnane’s vocal has a cool, pure quality to it, smooth and crystalline it glides effortlessly over the sparse, digital beat. Beneath them, there is a delicate aquatic quality; a subtle electronic murmuring, pulsing like a jellyfish as if slips through the ocean while a faint rattle of snake echoes even further beyond.

It’s lust but it’s not the heat of bodies entwined. There is no glisten of sweat or arching of back, no instead it’s cold, almost predatory in fact. Coiled and calm, it seems to be waiting for the right moment to pounce, a moment that may indeed be signalled by its apparently abrupt ending.

Regardless, it is another piece of stunning, minimalist elegance that should only further enhance the reputation of Blooms and one which makes us even more excited to hear the EP in its entirety.

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