Ocean Calling – “Desert Sky Scarlet”

31 Mar

Ocean Calling

Is it possible to fall in love with a song thanks to just one word? More specifically, thanks to how that one word is pronounced? We think so, and while we were already getting lost in the roaming dreamy soundscapes of Ocean Calling’s “Desert Sky Scarlet”, it was Sophie Wilkie’s inflection whilst singing ‘snow’ in the chorus that tipped is over the edge. It sounds silly, but sometimes it really can be the littlest thing in a track that flicks that switch and hooks you in, and we are suckers for slightly left of centre intonation in female vocals.

With a wonderfully warm, homemade video of a grand two week roadtrip, Ocean Calling has captured the perfect visual companion for the wandering exploration that is the “Desert Sky Scarlet” adventure. It’s a joy to listen to, spellbinding as it softly caresses your senses with a romantic view of the world and all its silly and awe-inspiring nooks, crannies and expanses.

A pseudo Dr Who synthline kicks of this great adventure, but not into time and space, but across the globe, to majestic views, icy tundra’s and homely arcades, with everything in between. It is gorgeously nostalgic for the here and now, for the world around us that so many of us long to see and yet fail to do so. It has a sense of freedom, of innocence and of wonder infused throughout. It is the aural equivalent of that place in the world that you’ve always wanted to see. For us, it glides and swirls, delicate and mesmerising like the Northern Lights. For others, it could convey the magnificent scenes of the world laid out below Everest, or the Grand Canyon, the Everglades…

You get what we mean. It is a dreamy trip across the world, just close your eyes and let it take you wherever you want, especially if it somewhere covered in ‘snow’.

Via Just Music I Like

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