Slow Club – “Complete Surrender” (video)

1 Apr

Slow Club

Last week, just seven short days ago, Slow Club dropped a brand new track on the world and the world went “woah”. The pair of Rebecca Taylor and Charles Watson has been together for nine years and it’s fair to say that we had not heard anything like “Complete Surrender” from them before.

It is, in short, ridiculously infectious. Like the most enjoyable bout of Ebola the world has ever seen, it’s big, funky, brash and utterly danceable. It sparks the most random series of musical remembrances in our odd and addled brain as well, with a very Faith No More like drum opening to a bizarre but wonderful suggestion of Irena Cara’s “Fame”. That might just be us…

But there’s so much going on, so much to enjoy and revel in. Rebecca’s voice soars like never before, there are hooks aplenty and some of the most gorgeously dramatic strings we’ve heard in some time. It’s a compulsive amalgamation of styles and sounds and we honestly cannot get it out of our heads. We thought it couldn’t get any better.

Then they went and released a video to go along with it and we realised we were wrong. It does get better.

Take a look below, see what you think but for us, it just hit all our buttons. Drama, invisible violins, topless drumming (it’s ok, it is safe for work), dance moves, intrigue, Rebecca channelling ScarJo and looking utterly stunning. The whole thing is just fan-fucking-tastic.

Also, their new album has a song on it called “The Queen’s Nose”, which we believe is named after the old kids TV show. Literally cannot wait to hear that one.

n.b, this is not an April Fools, this really is a fabulous video and song.

Slow Club’s new album ‘Complete Surrender’ is due out on 14 July 14. You can pre-order it on iTunes and get the title track instantly or head to the Slow Club store for additional exclusives. The pair are playing London’s Village Underground on 13 May and tickets are available here.

Stalk Slow Club: Website / Facebook / Twitter


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