Spring Offensive – “Bodylifting” (video)

1 Apr

Spring Offensive - Bodylifting

Regular readers will know how much we adore Oxford’s Spring Offensive, even more so now they’ve released their debut album, Young Animal Hearts, which is already one of our favourites (and most played) of the year. As well as being expert craftsmen in the ways of eloquent and emotive pop music, they also do a damn fine line in videos, so we always get excited when they announce a new one is on the way, and we’ve not been let down yet.

The latest in their long streak of quality promos comes in the form of “Bodylifting”. It’s a quintessentially Spring Offensive tune full of subtle drama and emotion and one that lends itself surprisingly well to the best training montage since Rocky IV. Directed by the band themselves, it is full of dry and not so dry humour, charm and everything that makes Spring Offensive so damn enjoyable and fantastic.

Bro, do you even lift?

’Young Animal Hearts’ is out now and is available to order here.

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