Lucy Kitchen – “Blue Eyes”

2 Apr

Lucy Kitchen

It’s a heady time for the people of Southampton and fans of their football team the world over (aka ‘us’). Riding high in the Premier League after nearly disappearing from existence a few seasons ago and with a possible four players heading to this year’s World Cup with England (it should be more in truth, Jack Cork and Callum Chambers have been criminally overlooked), it’s a great time to be a Saint.

We could go on (trust us we really could, but this isn’t a football blog, so we won’t) but there are other reasons for the people of Southampton to be happy – and not just because Portsmouth are doing so very, very badly either. We could easily be talking about the joys of the Bargate as well, but surprisingly for a music blog, we are referring to the folky sounds of the city’s very own Lucy Kitchen and her new track, “Blue Eyes”. It’s a simple tale of the overwhelming yearning one can have for another, no matter how much time has passed or how many events have taken place since you last saw them. ” After all this time / You still kill me / Slay me with a smile / I would do anything / For you to be with me” she sings in graceful and poignant tones.

Taken from her new album, Waking, “Blue Eyes” has a delightfully rustic feel to it. There’s this charming olde worlde feeling within and we were captivated by the low elegiac moans of the cello, like the low creaking of a cart and horse as it makes its way along a hilly dirt track, Lucy’s haunting vocals are the deep, dark blue of the sea gently washing against the horizon. It’s soft, elegant and beautifully soothing, perfect for our inner folky to get lost in.

Lucy Kitchen’s new album, ‘Waking’ is out now and available to buy digitally or on CD.

Stalk Lucy Kitchen: Website / Facebook / Twitter


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