Strangers – “Wolf At The Door”

2 Apr

Strangers Wolf At The Door

Following on from the success of their six-month free download extravaganza, the Close EP and, of course, their storming set on the Alphabet Bands stage at the Norwich Sound & Vision festival; those Northampton Strangers are back. Back right now with a brand new single and, whisper it, the promise of an album later in the year. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; let’s just focus on the here and now for the time being.

Having already been played by Mr John Kennedy on XfM, “Wolf At The Door” is another example of Stranger’s growing confidence, maturity and ability to write a catchy as you like hook. With a sense of unease stalking throughout, the dark synthlines convey that feeling of reaching rock bottom and the euphoria, the freedom of throwing off those shackles and rising up once again. ”We got to lose ourselves to find ourselves” sings David Maddox-Jones as the eyes of the wolf flash, the beat grows and the song reaches up, up to new heights and optimism.

They told us last year that running the monthly free download had been a really great discipline for writing and crafting new songs, and it certainly seems to be paying off. The guys are hitting new heights and with any luck, by the end of this year we will be revelling in a fantastic and successful debut album.

”Wolf At The Door” is due for release on 2 June.

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