Nottee – “Fire”

4 Apr


While we like and enjoy a wide range of music and genres here at Alphabet Bands, you may have noticed a slight predilection for female fronted electronic pop, preferably smooth and soulful and best played late at night (possibly because that is when we do most of our writing). If possible, it should also be Swedish, because they seem to be incapable of making bad pop music at the moment.

So, when we first heard Nottee, we knew immediately we had found something we were going to love. Evidently she burst on to the scene about three years ago and then pretty much vanished. Then, somewhat out of the blue, she popped back up a few weeks back with this gorgeously mellow number, “Fire”, and announced a new album, Side by Side was due later this year. Where has she been for those missing years? Nobody* knows, but what is clear from “Fire” is that she is likely to be a name on many people’s lips by the end of 2014.

We talked about loving late night music and to be honest, “Fire” is possibly suited to even later night. We’re talking small hours, possibly even later. There’s a lovely, subtle Cafe Del Mar feeling to it, sunrise on the beach vibes as Nottee’s whisper soft vocals drift over gentle, ebbing guitar lines and cool synths. There’s also this distinct and fantastic little housey undercurrent, muted, composed and delicious. It’s a bit like someone has remixed this massive Ibiza banger down into a soft, nudging little pop tune but it is the pop tune that people will fall in love with and play again and again.

Is it summer yet? We want to sit on a beach at sunrise with Nottee on the stereo.

* By nobody, we mean that we don’t know and we haven’t asked. It’s not polite.

Via The 405

Stalk Nottee: Website / Facebook

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