Bang Bang Romeo – “Carnival”

7 Apr

Bang Bang Romeo

Recently we’ve found ourselves craving something a little different to normal, which is why it’s been a few days since we last wrote anything. We love synth pop, muted atmospheric sounds that float etc etc, but when that is all that’s coming through your inbox, it can get a little, well, samey. That’s not to say we don’t like it or it’s not any good, far from it, but if you could only ever eat the same meal again and again, eventually you’d start craving something different.

Serendipitously, just as we were reaching that point where we were dreading opening the next email, salvation came along in the form of a four-piece from Yorkshire with a cracking name, Bang Bang Romeo. From the opening seconds of Ross Cameron’s screeching guitar banshee and the intense, foreboding pound of Richard Gartland’s drum, we knew this was what we’d been looking for.

Taken from their forthcoming We Were Born EP, “Carnival” is old-school rock with a grand, cinematic twist and in Anastasia Walker, a voice that should be starring in movies. Walker sings with such passion, such heart and power and skill that, in the space of one song, she is able to drift from dark, dramatic top-of-her-game-Liza Minnelli-esque lows (no, really) to emphatic blasts of raw muscle that would have Beth Ditto cowering in fright.

“Carnival” itself is powerful, rough around the edges and grandiose, like a grind-house film-noir or something. It’s rich, textured and knock your socks off big. It’s more of an old fashioned freakshow carnival than a modern day, fair rides and candy floss affair; full of sinister wonders and fantastical spectaculars to take your breath and shock your soul. Just what the Doctor ordered.

The ‘We Were Born’ EP is out on 28 April and can be pre-ordered with various exclusives through pledgemusic.

Stalk Bang Bang Romeo: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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