Port Isla – “Steamroller”

9 Apr

Port Isla Steamroller

We’ve featured the folky sounds of Port Isla a few times now, and not just because they (like us) are based in Norwich. After a quiet but impressive 2013 where they cemented their burgeoning reputation as a band on the rise, in fact we even included them in our lovely list of wonderful artists to listen out for this year, they are now looking to step out, and up with their first new tune of 2014.

“Steamroller”, the title track from their new EP which is out on 28 April, is another slice of bold, foot-stampy, sing-alongy, anthemic indie-folk that they do so well. Unlike real steamrollers, which are fairly slow and plodding vehicles, this clatters along at a brisk pace, all energy and colour. The beat crashes enthusiastically as the guitars kick in and run about joyfully. They won’t, they sing, let the panic get out, but the chorus sure does. It reaches up and out like all good, festival friendly choruses should for, after playing Glastonbury last year, a summer in a lot of fields with people waving, smiling and singing back at them surely awaits them.

It is just another example of how to make superbly entertaining, bright and uplifting music from four young guys who are surely going to prove us right this year and make a real name for themselves.

The ‘Steamroller’ EP will be available on iTunes on 28 April.

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