Vuvuvultures – “Arty Party” (Video)

11 Apr

vuvuvultures Arty Party

They’re back! Just when we were sitting here bemoaning the lack of dark, skittish and sinister electro, pop rock sounds in our lives, Vuvuvultures have returned like a musical Batman throwing out beats, riffs, warped digital glitches and attitude from within their utility belt.

After last year’s fantastic debut album, Push / Pull (which made into our albums of the year long list), the gizmo crazy foursome are set to release four 7” AA side singles in 2014. The first of which, “I”, will feature “Arty Party” (the video for which you can watch below – stay ’til the end btw) and “Song Bot”, a track the band say is ”delightfully sinister”. Coming from the group that gave us the outstandingly menacing, ”I’ll Cut You”, that’s saying something.

As evidenced by the video, “Arty Party” is more balls to the wall fun and frolics, meant for dancing, jumping and bouncing around to like a loon. After some very grand and cinematic videos, director Fiona Garden has opted for a more back to basics style, featuring the band doing just those things we mentioned, jumping about, having a laugh, rocking some super Prince-style ruffles (Nicole) and pumping iron (Paul). It is perfectly Vuvuvultures and we love them for it.

Since we first featured them back in March 2012, their reputation has soared and more esteemed publications than ours have been lining up to sing their praises and that trend should only continue over the next 12 months. Hell, they’re even playing with Adam Ant at the Hammersmith Apollo soon, a man who Mr Alphabet Bands was named after (true story). And we thought we couldn’t love them more than we already did.

Watch the video, stay ‘til the end for some post credits japery, let yourself go and have a good old jump around the living room.

”Arty Party/Song Bot” is out on 19 April via Energy Snake Records/Cadiz Music.

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