Manou – “Loving You”

16 Apr


Ahh pop music, you cunning and magnificent bastard. We do so love how you can just sneak up and surreptitiously infiltrate our brain like some kind of stealthy synth ninja. Without even realising they were in there, we find lyrics, melodies and rhythms bubbling away in our mind and boiling over at random moments during the day. Humming or singing while washing up, or while we’re supposed to be paying attention in a meeting. The kind of thing that happened to us with the latest from 17 year old Anglo-German pop wunderkind Manou.

Out on the fast rising and already ridiculously hip Duly Noted Records, “Loving You” is the kind of effortless pop music that just sounds so deliciously simple and perfect. Written following a heartbreak it’s a multifaceted gem that manages to skip along frivolously whilst simultaneously gliding gracefully like a cloud across the sky.

The beat pops and bounces as the vocals jump from the quickfire rat-a-tat of the verses to the smooth soulful lament of the chorus. And there, not really hidden away is a gentle guitar lick, an almost wail if you will, a Knopfler-esque silver lining to the cloud of this failing relationship, the hope that something can be salvaged.

It’s damn catchy too, as you may have guessed from our introduction, and quite something. The future certainly looks bright for this young pop ninja.

”Loving You” is out now on Duly Noted Records and available to buy from iTunes.

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