Humbug – “Danced All Night”

19 Apr


Never in our lifetime did we think that we would associate a group of teenage lads from Essex with Julie Andrews, but when we saw the title for the latest single from Humbug our oddly wired brain kicked into life and connections were made. Of course, “Danced All Night” is neither a cover nor homage to La Andrews giving it the full Fair Lady (though we imagine that could be a lot of fun). No, it is a rather a wonderful slice of indie rock from four young guys that not only belies their youth, but points to rather an exciting future.

Hailing from Southend, the quartet of Ben, Dale, Ferghal and Matt say that they are inspired by the likes of the Arctic Monkeys and The Killers but it’s the emotionally charged indie of The Airborne Toxic Event that sprang to mind as “Danced All Night” kicked in. Though, as we’ve said, we do have a weird brain.

The guitar and synth lines are entwined like ropes around your ankles, a concrete block of doubt and dark thoughts, ”Baby I’m suffering, wondering where you’ll be”, pulling you down into a world of anguish, fear and anxiety. Ben Rotherham’s vocals are rich with heartache, deep and mournful they are world worn and wracked with questions, with answers that he has to know but doesn’t want to hear, ”Do you still care?”.

It’s a remarkably assured piece of song writing for a band so young, both in members’ age and longevity (they’ve been together little over a year) and one that bodes very well for the future. We expect to hear a lot more from Humbug over the next few years.

”Danced All Night” is available as a free download from the soundcloud player below.

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