Pawws – “Sugar”

20 Apr

Pawws Sugar

We were a little late to the Pawws party last year, but once we heard “Slow Love” we hightailed it straight over just in time for cake and champagne. We imagine the champagne will be flowing for Lucy Taylor once again as, having been tipped for great things this year she has just signed up to Best Fit Recordings for the release of her debut EP, Sugar.

The title track has just been unveiled online and is a digital waterfall of cascading synth pop, all majestic and beautiful. Like a Jean Michel Jarre lightshow, the keys twinkle and glow, creating magical patterns across the night sky as Lucy’s soft and sweet vocals gently bewitch and entice all who hear her. ”I need to taste a little sugar” she calls out to a lover she can’t let go, the one she desperately needs to stay, ”Just pretend there is nothing wrong” she begs. How could we resist?

While Lucy may well be singing to the one that got away, we are certain that her pop stardom will not prove so elusive.

The ‘Sugar’ EP is out on 16 June via Best Fit Recordsings and can be pre-ordred here on limited edition vinyl or CD. Before that, Pawws plays a show on 12 May at The Lexington in London, tickets for that are available here

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