Review: Mega Emotion – Fake Feelings EP

21 Apr

Mega Emotion Fake Feelings

Given our predilection for soft and floating synths, for delicate atmospheric sounds and haunting, emotive melodies, our simultaneous love for the cacophonous pop-energy of Mega Emotion may come as a surprise. That’s what life is all about though right? Variety and excitement; and Mega Emotion are very, very exciting.

Having blitzed us with the insanely infectious and vibrant “Brains” and then the blaring urgency of “City In Shapes”, the girl-boy-girl trio today release their debt EP, Fake Feelings and if your ears were reeling from those two songs, prepare to have them battered into glorious submission. Their frenetic combination of guitars, synths, electronics, frenzied vocals and crashing rhythms is perfectly showcased on the brash and in your face “Luck Dragon” (the surreal and marvellous video for which you can watch below).

Drag racer riffs roar and shudder, psychedelic flashes of digital colour pulsate and hypnotise as they chant away, like some distant cult of the mystical hedonists. ”The ring protects / The ring protects” they cry out. We’re not sure what it protects but it certainly isn’t your mind as that will be lost very quickly.

“Suck Gold” is a little less explosive but still full of colour and shapes. A grand bouncing ball of a beat makes its way through the city, unstoppable and destructive it frees aural prisoners as it goes. More angular riffs, more popping keys and electronic noodles and flourishes, all are liberated by the rhythm as it passes by and free to infiltrate your ears.

Each of the four tracks has pop at its very heart; the hooks are grand and undeniable and the melodies are smooth and infectious. They are just buried within this amazingly bold and powerful noise that is both jarring and scintillating. Mega Emotion is not like other bands out there, but then why would we want them to be. It’s all about the variety right?

The ‘Fake Feelings’ EP is out today and available to buy from the Mega Emotion Bandcamp page.

Stalk Mega Emotion: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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