Introducing: Daisy Victoria

22 Apr

Daisy Victoria Heart Full Of Beef

It might seem a little odd for us to be ‘introducing’ an artist we’ve featured already but having caught Daisy Victoria’s first ever live show with a full band we felt we just had to write again. Playing to a small but enthusiastic crowd as part Record Store Day in Norwich this past weekend, it became abundantly clear that this is a young lady that people should be getting excited about. We certainly are.

Because it is impossible for a young female artist to burst on the scene without drawing comparisons to those who have gone before her, we’ll get this out of the way quickly and then move on. She is wonderfully reminiscent of Anna Calvi, with elements of PJ Harvey and Kate Bush thrown in, with a subtle, hidden bluesyness to her guitar playing as well. Ok, with that done we can focus on Daisy herself a little more.

Her recorded work is quite something, dark and twisted stories entwined with noir-ish melodies and hypnotically jarring moments of aural discordance. Live though, her most potent weapon, her voice, is given license to scintillate. It’s quite grand, almost operatic and very theatrical. You can just see her singing in some ornate theatre, majestic furnishings all around her and elaborately ostentatious chandeliers hanging from the gilded ceilings above as her vocals ring out across the auditorium.

Her music is also theatrical in a sense, but it is also dark, unnerving in places, romantic and destructive. It is a glorious antithesis of modern pop music; rich and textured with sound upon sound upon sound all adding layers to the narrative, to the heartbreak and dramatic tales that are being told. Like all the most interesting artists, she makes music that will divide opinion. Some will fall completely in love with it whilst others won’t. She’s like the Vivienne Westwood of music, the magnificence of her creations may elude some but her talent and excitement is undeniable.

Daisy Victoria’s debut EP, ‘Heart Full Of Beef’ is out now and available from her bandcamp page on a pay what you like deal. Daisy will be playing the Lake Stage at this year’s Latitude festival.

Stalk Daisy Victoria: Facebook / Twitter


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