Delphic – Get Familiar (free download)

23 Apr

Delphic Get Familiar

Over the last few days there have been murmurings coming from deep within Manchester. There’ve been whispers of an imminent announcement that would bring joy to many and seek to re-establish a successful entity that had fallen foul of a new direction. Then on Tuesday it all came to a head and across the land there was much speculation as to what this meant and what would happen next. For it was on Tuesday that Delphic returned with seven new tracks in the form of one 30minute mixtape. Seven tracks that see the band returning to the indie-dance well that made their debut album Acolyte so remarkably wonderful and which they had moved away from for the less well received follow-up Collections.

Oh, and David Moyes was sacked as manager of Manchester United. But no one cares about that…

We’re big fans of Delphic, anyone who has ever read our reviews of their live shows or albums (even Collections which we do admit wasn’t quite what we’d hoped it would be, but even so there was plenty to enjoy on it) could tell you that. So the advent of new music is always welcome at Alphabet Towers.

Get Familiar is a perfect name for the mixtape when you think about it, as it returns the trio to familiar sonic territory and, as James Cook explained to Dummy is the closest they’ve come to recreating their live sound for fans. ”For the first time we’ve tried bottling part of the live show and putting it on record. Although it is something we have often talked about, releasing an album mixed in the same way as our live set has proved a stumbling block because it essentially turns an LP into a DJ mix… This isn’t a DJ mix, it is all new material, mixed together in the same way the early Delphic 30-minute live sets were, but with a modern club sound to the production”.

There is indeed a very clubby sound to it, as well as a fabulous amalgamation of indie, pop, house and some distinctly Yeasayery sounds, especially in the vocals, which we just adore. The synths are once again laser sharp, precision aimed at your feet whilst a scatter bomb of beats and rhythm will have you dancing and swaying about in delight. It’s not hard or oppressive, it’s just damn good. Break out the smoke machines, get the neon green lasers pulsating across the room and let’s get our groove on. And when we’re all exhausted from that, we can wind down with a beer and a little acoustic beauty to close the night with. We say night, we’ll be playing this at all hours.

This is the first time the band has worked on their own, doing their own production and everything and while they aren’t giving much away about what the future holds, we’re once again excited to hear what’s next.
“Let’s say everything is going to be ok” they sing, with this return it feels like it really will be.

’Get Familiar’ is available as a free download from the SoundCloud player below.

1. PPP
2. Only Human
3. Futureproof
4. Colours Of The Day
5. Illusion
6. The Giver
7. What If

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