The Penelopes – “Time To Shine” (free download)

25 Apr

The Penelopes Time To Shine

Ever have the feeling that your life has been building up to something? Have you ever had the sense that everything that has happened to you has been to bring you to this one particular point? The universe has been guiding you and that now you are here; it is your time, your future and your moment. From the sounds of their new single, The Penelopes certainly have.

Their love of pop and a burning desire to make people dance has seen them journey from their humble beginnings just outside Paris, travel around the world putting on storming live shows and release a vibrant and infectious debut album. With that and a stonkingly popular remix of The Cure having created momentum, the universe has delivered Axel Basquiat and Vincent T. exactly where they need to be. Now it is their “Time To Shine”.

Capturing the effervescent and energetic spirit of their live shows, this new single perfectly captures that feeling of being ready to step up, the confidence and swagger of knowing this is it. Everything starts now. “Time To Shine” is five minutes of uplifting and powerful electro-pop. Like a rallying cry before battle it is rousing, it inspires belief that anything is possible. The synths and guitars drive forward, pulsating and pushing you on to greatness with the passion filled Bonnie Tyler-eqsue backing vocals just adding to the feeling that your dreams are within your grasp.

It is a fantastic morale-boosting tune. Balls to looking in the mirror and calling yourself a tiger before an interview, stick on “Time To Shine” and as your confidence rises you’ll be ready to take on all comers. The world is your lobster, go get it!

”Time To Shine” is available as a free download from the Soundcloud player below.

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